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  • Lewis Taxis
    Coventry, England
    150 cars

    Lewis Taxis are the fastest growing company in Coventry with over 150 cars. After considering all dispatch options they approached Drivr to secure the exclusive franchise rights for Coventry to fuel their future growth.

    "I can’t imagine working without Drivr’s systems. It’s simple to use, very effective, and Drivr has helped us implement everything with attention and care. It makes us more efficient, immediately saving us money, and it gives us the best digital channels that are generating new business. What’s not to love?"Farrakh HabibManaging Director
  • Phoenix taxis
    Newcastle, England
    200 cars

    Phoenix were the first UK company to use 100% electric taxis and now operate a large fleet of electric and hybrid low-emission taxis. In early 2015 they switched from Autocab to Drivr to aggressively expand their operations in North East England.

    "We used Autocab for two decades. After extensive research we've now found an astonishing, stable, beautiful and cost effective cloud dispatch for our future. We're thrilled to have secured the exclusive Drivr franchise in the North East of England."Alexander HurstManaging Director
  • Sostinė Veža
    Vilnius, Lithuania
    Sostinė Veža's is a young Vilnius-based company that takes great pride in their fleet, which is exclusively made up of Volkswagen Touran cars. They also run promotion campaigns on their cars to support local businesses and athletes, such as Antanas Juknevičius, an award-winning professional desert rally driver.
    "We believe that technology is key in providing convenient and efficient rides to our customers throughout Lithuania. Drivr’s dispatch system is the perfect fit for our business, especially when working with corporate clients. We love the strong focus the system has on increasing the quality of our service and positive customer feedback."Tomas KmitasChief Executive Operator
  • Taxi Service Iceland
    Reykjavik, Iceland
    140 cars

    Taxi Service Iceland is a growing operator in Reykjavik, Iceland's capital and needed advanced technology to support growth and provide better service for the own fleet, passangers and companies - and they found so with Drivr.

    "We honestly think Drivr is a ground breaking innovation for taxi operators not only for the technology but equally for the growth and support help we get free of charge. This is why we chose Drivr, they are clearly years ahead of any other dispatch system. We don’t see them as a supplier but as our partner for technology and marketing"Daði HreinssonChief Executive Officer