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  • Branding
  • 1. Are both our brand and Drivr promoted?
    Drivr is a global brand, thus enabling customers to search for Drivr in the App Store and finding 1 app that works in all cities. In addition, to promote the exclusive local operator we do in app local branding. Contact us for examples of how this is done.
  • 2. Will Drivr’s booking site ( continue to have Drivr logo’s or would they be changed to the taxi firm’s?
    It will show both your logo and the Drivr logo.
  • Cash and payment
  • 1. Do we have to include your payment terminals or can we use our current ones?
    We recommend to use our terminals, because they integrate with the Drivr app for drivers. You can purchase the terminals directly through us. There is no rent or monthly fees on the terminals and the processing fees are the best in the market.
  • 2. How can we set up and apply our prices in the system?

    Your rates can be set up in a variety of ways:

    • Variable: starting fare, distance and minutes.
    • Fixed price: the system calculates a fixed price, based on time, distance starting fare, traffic and time of day and week.
    • Flat: flat rates between zones in your city – typically used for airports.
  • 3. How does the money circulation scheme look like?
    • Cash bookings are paid directly to drivers in the car
    • Credit card bookings (in app and online) are deducted from the client’s credit card when the trip ends. We pay out to local partners weekly for all card and invoice bookings.
    • Account bookings: A local company can choose to sign up to be charged on invoice (end of month + 7, 14 or 30 days). The system automatically invoices clients, and handles first and second reminders if no payment has been received. We also send you a notification in case clients are more than 30 days overdue.
  • 4. Which payment and settlement systems are used?
    For the apps and online booking we use Adyen to register credit card details and handle payments. We also use Adyen for mPOS payments on terminals in the car. Our current average credit card rates for chip/pin payments in the car are very competitive, depending on card mix and avg. fare size.
  • Corporate Account
  • 1. How do corporate clients sign up and pay?
    Corporate clients sign-up with a credit card. You can then convert them to invoice payments. You can also directly set up a corporate client with invoice payment. We always require a registered credit card or approved invoice account as a security, but the corporate client can of course still choose to do cash trips.
  • Operations
  • 1. Does your phone system/call center module have to be used with Drivr or can we use our existing system. How much does your phone system cost?
    It’s included in the pricing, and the only thing you need to do is to reroute all incoming calls to the Drivr system.
  • 2. Is an iPhone required for using the Drivr chauffeur app?
    Yes. There is only one phone with the best GPS, cell radio chips etc. Our system is meant to be 100% stable to receive jobs day after day, hence the choice not to support Android phones that have a multitude of high /low quality processor speeds, GPS, cell radios etc.
  • 3. Since Drivr for Fleets is a cloud based system – do you provide any back up servers? If the internet went down, what’s plan B?
    The Drivr system runs on Amazon Web Services and has redundancy in several Amazon zones. So even if Amazon crashes in one zone, all data and operations are safely supported from another zone. If your Internet line is cut, all you need is a 4G wifi router to take all calls since all calls are IP based and hosted online.
  • 4. What are the minimum requirements for Call Center hardware?
    PC requirement: Processor: Intel Core i3 or later RAM: 2048 MB Internet minimum: 1.2 Mbit per agent taking call, so recommended is 2 Mbit per agent Software requirement: Windows XP Service Pack 2+/Windows Vista/7/8 The latest version of Google Chrome 36+
  • 5. What is required for drivers to be able to use the system?
    Each driver needs to be equipped with an iPhones, 4s or better. One iPhone per car is enough and we recommend a minimum 4GB data subscription plan.
  • Partnership and Contract
  • 1. If we start a relationship with Drivr, will we have exclusivity in our area?
    Yes. We always work with only one operator in an area. This way you can promote the Drivr platform as your own. All bookings always go to you.
  • Pricing
  • 1. How is the pricing for partners with Drivr?

    Pricing is based on the size of your fleet as we only charge you per car in your fleet. Contact us for a price quote for your specific market.